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I have a one-word game for you: BUNCO! This social, progressive dice game can send a mild-mannered suburban housewife into a hysterical frenzy by just a chance roll of three of a kind! Bunco is a fun, energetic game because it involves 100% luck and no skill; and you're constantly being teamed up with new partners. If you haven't played, or don't play regularly, you need to check out the monthly Brighton Bunco Charity Nights at Christine's in Stockdale Fashion Plaza. Not only does your entry fee help support a worthwhile cause but you also have the chance to win Brighton jewelry or accessories. You might even make a new friend or two.

My friend Amanda and I went to Christine's latest Bunco night where I have to admit, I shrieked a few times when the dice Gods favored my roll! The night's proceeds went to the local Ronald McDonald House. We ate tasty treats from McDonald's and met the REAL Ronald McDonald from Los Angeles, who is one of the most recognizable clown characters in pop culture history. He stopped at my table and I had a chance to chat with him. He said that he loves coming to Bakersfield because the people are so warm and friendly; and we have a real sense of community spirit. I agree!

Part of the reason that our community spirit shines so intense that even a "clown" can recognize its uniqueness is due to our outstanding community leaders. Each month in our "Mothers, Shakers, and Community Makers" article, I have the opportunity to feature someone in our town that really makes a difference. This month, in honor of Father's Day, I did something a little different I talked with five community leaders, who also happen to be fathers, and found out that the best way to a man's heart is definitely through his stomach especially when the food is grilled meat! Find out some grilling tips this month's dads use to create the perfect burger on page 9.

Anyone who knows me knows one thing: I do not like to cook. Luckily, I married a man who enjoys cooking, especially grilling. He makes a mean steak and actually enjoys the whole process. He even clips recipes out of the newspaper and tries out new creations Algerian Adventure Eggs was one of his latest triumphs. He even attended a cooking class at Williams Sonoma with our 10-year-old daughter, Bryce. She already enjoys cooking more than I ever have thanks to his enthusiasm!

So, for our Father's Day celebration, I am going to elicit her help in making him a nice dinner that might even include using the grill (at least the George Forman kind). If you want to find out how to grill almost anything and get some ideas for your own Father's Day feast, check out the article, "Grill Up a Great Father's Day," on page 10.

Dads really are great guys that give us cause to celebrate this month. In Rick Epstein's "Fatherhooding" article on page 20, he writes about how his father is a paragon of virtue, and he hopes he's teaching his kids the same things he learned growing up. From reading his articles each month, I think he's most assuredly on the right track!

In Tracie Grimes' monthly article, "Humor at Home," on page 20, she writes about how hard it is to instill manners in our children. Etiquette classes, Cotillion, and all the chastising in the world doesn't seem to keep the burps and other bodily noises at bay. But, does that mean we give up? Do we stop teaching the Emily Postisms? Never. One day it will "click" maybe in their twenties!

Enjoy all that June has to offer - summer vacation, Father's Day, swimming weather, beach trips, and play dates. And, as we start seeing more and more 100-plus-degree days, an INDOOR, rowdily competitive game of Bunco with friends might be the perfect way to beat the heat!

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