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"Come on, you guys," Rian said as she stomped her foot. "We've got to quit talking about fairies and practice our Pow Wow dance."

Alexis dropped the book, The Secret Lives of Elves and Fairies, she'd been reading. "Okay," she said, looking at Jenny, who was grinning as she held one of her front teeth.

"Ugh," said Giselle, with a shudder. "Looks like you wiggled that silly tooth 'til it came out."

Jenny smiled. "Yeah—now I'll put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy's visit."

"Wow!" Rian exclaimed. "I hope your fairy is wealthy and you can buy us all a treat."

Giselle moved closer to Jenny to look at the tooth. "My friend said that if you put a glass of water by your bed, when the tooth fairy visits she will dip into the water and in the morning, you can tell by the color of the water what color of dress she was wearing."

"That's pure cool," Alexis chimed in. If the fairy were Tinker Bell, I think the water would be green."

"Yeah," Rian agreed. "In the picture I've seen of her, she is wearing a short green dress."

"I've seen that picture," said Jenny. "Tinker's so cute and she always has Pixie Dust."

"Let's start a club to study fairies and name it 'The Belles'—after Tinker," Giselle said.

Rian's brown eyes flashed as she tucked her brown hair behind her ears. "Bingo! Let's do it," she shouted.

Giselle looked thoughtful. "I know that Cherokee's have a special place in their hearts for fairies, but I wonder if they come to the Pow Wow?"

"My great uncle Cobb knows about fairies. He said that folks have taken pictures of them, but when the film is developed, there's no image. He even told me one fairy was captured and locked in a pretty box for safe keeping, but when it was opened, there was nothing there—it just vanished."

"WOW!" shouted Jenny.

"Double WOW!" echoed Alexis. "Did your uncle say what the fairy looked like?"

Rian looked mysterious. "He said fairies come in every size and shape and some can change their appearance by using what they call 'glamour.' It lets them look like what the person seeing them thinks they are seeing."

The girls stared at Rian with wide eyes. "Really? Where do they live?"

"He said they live in the Lands Beneath or inside the earth and that if I'd hide down near a river and keep very still for a long time, a fairy might peek out at me. Wish I could capture one to have a wee friend."

"Maybe capturing a fairy is like capturing a bird. My mom said if you can put salt on a bird's tail, you can capture it," Alexis said.

"I have a better idea," Giselle piped in. "Let's build a wonder land just for fairies and maybe they'll come and visit it at the Pow Wow."

"I've got a little tin box we can put moss and little pebbles in it—like a park, and turn a jar lid upside down and add water and a dash of blue food coloring to make it look like a pool! Oh, yes, I have a small cardboard box I can draw butterfly designs on and set it by the pool for a bench," Jenny said, smiling her toothless smile

"Great, better for the fairies to want to come for a visit than to have to try to capture one. We might even make a small ferris wheel or merry-go-round to add to the park," Alexis grinned.

"Let's get busy with making a fairy land and practicing our Pow Wow dances, we have LOTS to do! Wish a fairy would come right now with some Pixie Dust to help us out!" Rian said, as they did high fives all around.

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