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Give Your Puppy the Presidential Treatment

Expert advice for First Puppy Bo and your puppy, too!

The Obamas have a new family member named Bo. They, along with many other new-dog families, will find out quickly that the first year with a new dog can be challenging.

Here are celebrity pet expert Andrea Arden's tips for pet parents who want to be sure they're doing the best for their newly adopted pups.

1. Start puppies on the right path by putting their best paw forward and feeding a very high quality pet food such as Wellness Just for Puppy or Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy Health dry kibble, canned food and snacks, which include natural, human-grade ingredients and DHA, a natural Omega-3 fatty acid essential for growing puppies.

2. Pay attention to subtle changes in behavior and/or physical appearance. These could be the first indicator of a developing health issue. Vet visits are absolutely necessary to maintain the highest level of care.

3. Exercise doesn't have to be strenuous, but regular exercise is key. Set aside a brief period of time each day dedicated to physical activity for your dog.

4. Routine is an important part of the bonding process. Daily training sessions, reinforcement of good behavior, even brushing your dog daily will build a routine, cementing a bond with your pup for years to come.

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