Bakersfield Rocks!

The people of Bakersfield never cease to amaze me. Time and again, I meet people who are generous, compassionate, and full of life. I recently went to the Beautiful Bakersfield "Crystal Camellia" awards that were presented to local businesses, organizations, and citizens who helped to improve the image and quality of life in our community. The award recipients ranged from Project Linus to Jesus Shack to the Bakersfield Young Marines, and each one proved to be committed to serving our city. The entire night, I was in awe of these people and proud to be living in Bakersfield!

All of us at KCFM are grateful to be part of this exceptional community. And, it's because of the local businesses and people that we have cause to celebrate! July starts our 13th year in business, and we look forward to many more years serving Kern County!

In honor of our anniversary, we decided to serve up the proverbial cake and ice cream for our party. As part of the Mothers, Shakers, and Community Makers section on page 9, I asked five community leaders what kind of cake and ice cream make the best party treat! Personally, I agree with Ben Eyre, Clinical Specialist for Medtronic, who says his favorite ice cream flavor is Denali's Moose Tracks. Leigh Pozas, owner of Total Woman Fitness Centers, and I share the same love of the delicious cupcakes from Gimme Some Sugar on 19th Street. Yummy!

Celebrating our nation's birthday on July 4th gives us another reason to put out the party decorations and serve up refreshing treats. Tracie Grimes gives us some ideas on how to create patriotic heirlooms in her article, "Crafting American Family Spirit," on page 14.

In Joan H. Haskins's "Nanny's Story Time: A Star-Studded Fourth" on page 7, she writes about patriotism and an opportunity to support our troops. This month's activity is making cupcakes with red, white, and blue frosting for your 4th of July parade.

Also in this month's issue, we have created a "Summer Survival Guide" on page 12. This guide contains all kinds of local activities and events that will help keep your little ones from getting bored this summer. The carefree, relaxing days of summer can be fun at first, but in case you want a little more stimulation, check out this handy reference guide.

As you read this month's issue, you will be happy to find Dave Hook's "Family Traveler'" article gracing our pages once again. This month on page 8, he writes about his first outing to CALM with his newborn twins. In August not only can you visit the many indigenous animals at the museum during the day, but you can take one of their Twilight Tours.

Calling all Trekkies! Tracie Grimes will have you reminiscing about your childhood in her "Humor @ Home" article on page 15. She writes about her attempt to share her love of Star Trek with her children, who really are a little dubious about the "high-tech" special effects from the 1960s. She'll just have to take them to this summer's blockbuster, Star Trek, and they'll be hooked! No doubt the special effects will meet their expectations!

This month as the mercury rises, triple-digit days are the norm, and you're drenched with sweat, you might even ask yourself, "Why do I live here again?" Then, take a second look around, talk to a few people, and you'll have your answer. You will know that a little heat can't keep you away from such a fabulous community of people who really care about each other.

Thank you to all our readers and supporters who have made our 13th year possible! We appreciate you!

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