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The makers of SpinBrush battery powered toothbrushes fielded a survey in 2008 and learned answers to some tooth brushing- related questions. Below are some of the unexpected results.

Ladies keep it clean

Ninety-two percent of women would rather go a week without shaving their legs than go a week without brushing their teeth.

"Lost" without their toothbrush

Almost 48 percent of Americans say that if they were stuck on a deserted island, having their toothbrush would be more important than having toilet paper.

First impressions

Sixty-eight percent of people say they would be more embarrassed if they forgot to brush their teeth than if they forgot to put on deodorant.

It's all about the power (brush)

Forty-six percent of Americans feel that old-fashioned manual toothbrushes are more properly suited to clean bathroom tile grout than their teeth.

When it matters most

Thirty-three percent of Americans say they want their teeth especially clean for their wedding; more so than for a big date (18 percent), a job interview (16 percent), or high school reunion (9 percent).

Share and share alike

Sixty-eight percent of women would never consider sharing a toothbrush with their significant other. On the other hand, nearly half of men (49 percent) are OK with sharing their toothbrush with their significant other with 19 percent of them feeling comfortable doing so within the first one to three months of a relationship.

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