Here's the Scoop . . . on KCFM's 13th Birthday!

Ben Eyre, Clinical Specialist for Medtronic, a national medical supply company, enjoys eating ice cream especially when it's topped with chocolate, marshmallows, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Oreos, or anything else in the chocolate family. This father of four has fond memories of working in the summer with his father, a painting contractor, and ending the day with a stop at Thrifty Drug Store for a double-scoop of ice cream. "I was perfectly happy with ice cream as payment for my hard work," he says.

Ben Eyre and family
Ben Eyre's Favorites:

Ice Cream Flavor: Denali's Moose Tracks in a cup or maybe a chocolate-covered waffle cone.

Ice Cream Parlor: Rosemary's Family Creamery on F Street

Cake/Cupcakes: German Chocolate

Best Cake/Cupcakes in Town: Jake's Tex Mex with Sweet Surrender a close second.

Ben's Shout Out:

"Congratulations on 13 years. Keep up the good work! Life is tough these days. We're all busy making our way in the world. But, it's still important to sit back once in a while and try to enjoy the simple things – like cake and ice cream – and, most importantly, family."

An expert in fitness and health, Leigh Pozas, owner of Total Woman Fitness Centers, does splurge on goodies every once in a while – cakes and cupcakes are more of a temptation to her than ice cream. She says, when it comes to ice cream, you can eat sherbet or sorbet as a healthy choice, or you can choose a low-fat version of your favorite ice cream. As a child, this mother of two boys especially loved her aunt's upside-down chocolate cake to the point that she ate so much of it, she got sick of it.

Leigh Pozas
Leigh Pozas's Favorites:

Ice Cream Flavor: Toffee Caramel Crunch served in a cup.

Ice Cream Parlor: Cold Stone Creamery

Cake/Cupcakes: Toss up between Smith's Champagne Cake and Gimme Some Sugar's Red Velvet

Best Cake/Cupcakes in Town: Gimme Some Sugar on 19th Street

Leigh's best wishes:

"Great job Kern County Family Magazine: 13 Years! That is such an accomplishment, and I am so proud of you. Bakersfield is just a big, small town, and it is nice to have local businesses thrive and survive. From one local business owner to another, I wish you all the luck and 13 more and then 13 more… Congratulations! LJ you have done an amazing job!"

Tiffany Nguyen and family
Tiffany Nguyen, owner of Elite Nails on Coffee next to Frugatti's, says while growing up in Vietnam, ice cream was a popular treat, but it wasn't as smooth and creamy as American ice cream. She loved going to Bach Dang where they hollowed out coconut shells and scooped in coconut ice cream garnished with a cherry on top and a festive cocktail umbrella. Nowadays, this mother of two likes the richness of Dewar's ice cream.But if her nine-year-old son Calvin has his way, they head to Cold Stone Creamery for chocolate ice cream with colorful sprinkles on top.

Tiffany Nguyen's Favorites:

Ice Cream Flavor: Hagen Daz's Coffee in a cone

Ice Cream Parlor: Dewar's Ice Cream & Candy Shop

Cake/Cupcakes: Vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting.

Best Cake/Cupcakes in Town: Baskin & Robbins's Ice Cream Cake

Tiffany's Sentiment:

"Congratulations on your 13th year! I wish that the Kern County Family Magazine will always have a strong presence in the community. It is an honor to know LJ and Vaun."

Paul Sheldon
Paul Sheldon, President of Paul Sheldon Jr., CLU, ChFC, Insurance & Benefits Planning, loves his champagne cake from Smith's Bakeries. His love affair with this silky smooth cake began in childhood. At the age of one, Paul had to get every last bite of his champagne cake, so he literally licked it off of his toes. This father of three boys especially likes his ice cream topped with peanuts and whipped cream.

Paul Sheldon's Favorites:

Ice Cream Flavor: Coffee in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

Ice Cream Parlor: Rosemary's Family Creamery on F Street

Cake/Cupcakes: No surprise… Champagne Cake

Best Cake/Cupcakes in Town: Smith's Bakeries

Paul's atta boy:

"Don't fix what isn't broken. Your publication provides Kern County with wholesome reading, information, and entertainment. Keep up the terrific work!"

Mike Williams and family
Mike Williams, CEO of American Kids Sports Center, a premier kids' sports center with two locations in Northwest and Southwest Bakersfield where kids learn everything from swimming to gymnastics to martial arts. He says you can't go wrong with any kind of ice cream, and he prefers his sans toppings. During his youth, this father of two can remember stopping at the Frosty Queen on Truxtun near Baker, which is no longer in existence, and having ice cream with his family after church.

Mike Williams's Favorites:

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies & Cream

Ice Cream Parlor: All of them!

Cake/Cupcakes: Banana Nut from Smith's Bakeries

Best Cake/Cupcakes in Town: Smith's Bakeries

Mike's Kudos:

"Congratulations to LJ and the KCFM staff for your big 13! Not many in the print industry can say they are having the kind of success you are. You uniquely meet the needs of Kern families in sharing what is going on in our community that is positive and educational for our kids. American Kids Sports Center is proud to be your longest-running advertiser and look forward to another 13!"

I enjoy writing for KCFM. The best part of my job: meeting and interviewing the fascinating people of Bakersfield. In fact, I have so many stories that stand out in my mind, I couldn't recount them all. I love to talk with other mothers who read our magazine and hear how our articles and information help enrich their lives. It's nice to know that we are truly reaching the families of Kern County!

Many congratulations to LJ, Amber, Penny, Susan, Tracie, and all the rest of players that get this amazing magazine to you each month! I look forward to writing many more articles and celebrating many more birthdays together! Thank you for reading!

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