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7 Tips to Help Your Child Learn

The California Teacher's Association and the California State PTA have joined together to offer tips for helping your children learn. Here are some ways you can give your children the best opportunities to succeed in school.

1. Just Ask – Ask your children about their day – what they studied, liked, learned.

2. Quiet Study – Creating a quiet place for home study gives your child the best environment for learning.

3. Regular Schedule – Keep homework time the same each day and make sure to follow up so it's complete and turned in on time.

4. Learn Together – While your children are studying or reading, take time to do the same yourself.

5. Learn Everywhere – Your child will be more interested in homework if you can connect school to everyday life situations.

6. Meet Their Teachers – Communicate openly with your child's teachers to discuss their progress in school.

7. Praise Helps – Praise from their parents encourages children to succeed.

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