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You Can Become a "Community Maker"

Local Schools Need Your Help!

As we start another school year, the need for parent involvement and support is at an all-time high. With the recent budget cuts, schools will be looking to parents more and more to supply needs and funds. Families can help support schools during these tough times in a variety of ways volunteering time, saving Box Tops, donating used ink cartridges, old cell phones, and much more. By taking the time to help our local schools, each one of us can become a community maker by investing in our children's education.

Parent involvement is part of the foundation for most schools. Nancy Reber, former PTC President for Del Rio Elementary, says that if parents volunteer just one hour of their time a year, it's a huge help. "You can work a booth at the carnival, send cookies, or serve lunch for the Honor Roll Luncheons," she says. "You're not just helping your own child you're helping the entire student community."

Nikki Nguyen, mother of two, takes the time to clip Box Top coupons for her boys' school. She divides her coupons equally into two envelopes so each child, third-grader Donnie and second-grader Joey, can participate in the program. "I like to give them each a chance to donate," she says.

Children learn from their parents' commitment. These donations can be a lesson in both service and knowledge. Michelle Elison, Kindergarten teacher at Panama Elementary, uses these Box Tops donations as teaching opportunities by counting each coupon out loud with the class. She keeps a running tally on the board to encourage donations so they can win the primary level (K-3rd grade) school competition, awarded on a quarterly basis. "This is a huge concept for kindergarteners. They learn counting and number recognition," she says. "I also show them a dime and tell them that each coupon equals 10 cents. I tell them the school can use the money to buy lots of stuff computers, playground equipment."

1. Box Tops for Education: Three Ways to Help:

Box Top Coupons: Every time you shop for groceries, you can make a difference by purchasing your favorite products with a Box Top coupon on their packages, and for a limited time, some packages have double coupons. Clip these coupons and send them to school with your child. Each coupon is worth 10 cents to your local school. You can enter The Big Clip giveaway at where one grand prize will be 500,000 bonus Box Tops with two first prizes of 250,000 bonus box tops.

Betty Crocker's Sweet Moments Match & Win Game can give your school a chance to win big! You can enter to win 100 bonus box tops from Betty Crocker and one grand prize of 1,000 Box Tops at

Shopping online at the Box Tops Marketplace: Sign up to support your school at and each time you shop online a percentage of your purchases is automatically donated to your school. Online stores include brand names such as Banana Republic, Gap, Aeropostale, William Sonoma, Apple, and more.

Buying books online through the Box Tops Reading Room: Also at, you can shop for books at Barnes & Your school will earn up to six percent of all new book purchases and three percent of all other purchases.

2. eScrips: Making money for your school the easy way with eScrips card registration program. Simply visit, register your credit cards, retail cards, debit cards, grocery club cards, and each time you swipe them to make a purchase, the merchant makes a contribution to your designated school or youth organization. While online, checkout their family of merchants and even do a little shopping at their virtual mall.

3. eScrip Recycling: Recycling through eScrips is not only good for the environment but can also earn your school money. Through a network of fundraising partners, your school can earn money from recycled inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, and cell phones. For more information, visit

4. Target's Take Charge of Education: Shopping with a REDcard at Target can save you money with coupons, and at the same time, raise funds for a school you select. Simply visit,, to get approved for a REDcard, enroll in the program, and choose your school. Each time you shop using your REDcard, Target will make a donation directly to your school.

5. Albertson's Community Partners Program: Shoppers with Albertson's Preferred Savings Cards, can earn money for their favorite school or non-profit youth organization, by visiting Registering your card, will give a percentage of your qualifying purchases to up to four Community Partners each time you shop.

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