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Hot Reads for Dog Days of August

Maisy Goes to Preschool

by Lucy Cousins

Candlewick Press, 2009, $12.99 Ages 2-5

The fun "Maisy-esque" illustrations and sparkly cover will enchant young readers as Maisy introduces them to the wonders of preschool. From painting to snack time to playing with friends in the sandbox, Maisy lets young readers going off to preschool know what they can expect during their day.

Song of Middle C,

by Alison McGhee

Candlewick Press, 2009, $16.99. Ages 5-8

When it comes time for one little girl to show off her artistry with her rendition of "Dance of the Wood Elves" at her big piano recital, the wood elves almost leave her high and dry as she forgets how their dance tune begins. But, thanks to her lucky underwear, she's saved by remembering middle C, a very distinctive note. And her one-note performance gets a standing ovation. An amusing story that will make anyone who's felt the pressure of the spotlight smile.

The Clever Stick

by John Lechner

Candlewick Press, 2009, $14.99. Ages 5-8

As Ally and her mamma set out for a visit to Australia, Ally pulls out her pencils, crayons, brushes, and paper to illustrate the highlights of their magical trip. A great tool for getting children ready for a big trip, this book uses imaginative illustrations to tell the story of Ally and her mother's trip while giving young readers a glimpse into the Outback

Let's Do Nothing!

by Tony Fucile

Candlewick Press, 2009, $16.99. Ages 4-7

Frankie and Sal are bored. They've done everything – read comic books, baked cookies, "played every sport ever invented." The only thing left to do is nothing. But that's not as easy as it sounds…

Judy Moody's Double-Rare Way-Not-Boring Book of Fun Stuff to Do

by Megan McDonald

Candlewick Press, revised 2009, $5.99. Ages 7 and up

Little girls can beat the boredom blahs by joining the T.P (Take out your Pencil) Club and using this book as a guide for hours of Judy Moody fun. From stickers to knock-knock jokes to ideas on starting a collection to making cootie catchers, this book will provide hours of entertainment.along side Minutemen.

Emily Windsnap's Fin-tastic Friendship Book,

by Liz Kessle

Candlewick Press, 2009, $5.99. Ages 8-12

Readers join Emily Windsnap (half girl, half mermaid) and her best friend Shona (all mermaid) as they glide through their undersea world exploring and learning about friendship. This interactive journal sparks imagination and helps readers understand their friends' personalities and style while giving them ideas for creating tokens of friendship and "underwater" sleepovers.


The Venetian Betrayal

by Steve Berry

Ballantine, 2007, $9.99.

Former Justice Department agent turned rare book dealer Cotton Malone is once again swept into a game of international treachery as he helps to stop a ruthless dictator. Greek fire, a search for the tomb of Alexander the Great, biological warfare and the struggle for power by a former Eastern European nation combine to keep readers tantalized, and make this book hard to put down. And Berry's gift for using history and science gives this roller-coaster ride of a story an intellectual flair

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