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Cool Back to School Crafts


Kids will get excited about paperwork when they can keep papers in place with this fun desk accessory…

Stuff you'll need:

-medium round rock

-craft glue

-red and black tempura paint

-paint brush

-two googly eyes

-polyacrylic paint

How you'll do it: 1. Paint the entire rock red. 2. Outline the wings and the ladybug head with black paint; fill in the entire head with black paint. 3. Paint three spots inside each wing using the black paint. 4. Seal using polyacrylic spray or paint. Let dry at least two hours. 5. Glue on googly eyes.


Corral crayons, markers, pens and pencils in style with this cute pencil holder…

Stuff you'll need:

-frozen juice can


-three different colors of ribbon (about one-quarter inch thick), 24 inches each color

-12 inches of pom pom trim


How you'll do it: 1. Wash and dry the frozen juice can. 2. Cut each color of ribbon into length that fits from top to bottom of can. Using length you've just cut as a guide, cut three more lengths of each color. 3. Glue ribbon to can, alternating colors as you cover the entire surface of the can. 4. Wrap the pom pom trim around the top of the can (covering the top edge of the ribbons); trim to fit. Glue pom pom trim in place; let dry.


Recycling made fun through use of a brown grocery bag and clever folding techniques. And you won't get in trouble for writing on your book!

Stuff you'll need:

-plain brown paper bag or brown parcel paper



-foam stickers (for decoration)



How you'll do it:

1. Starting at the top right corner of the bag, cut along the crease to the base of the bag. Cut around the other three sides of the bag's base leaving a large rectangular piece of paper.

2. Place the book in the center and draw a line on the paper across the top and bottom of the book. Remove the book and fold along the penciled lines. Use the edge of a ruler to sharpen the crease.

3. Place the book in the center of the paper you've just folded; fold the left side of the paper over and around the front of the book cover to make a flap. Sharpen the crease with your ruler and trim the flap so you can fit about one-fourth of the edge of the book cover inside the flap. Insert the book cover inside the slot.

4. Repeat step 3 on the right side, inserting the edge of the book's back cover in the slot.

5. Close the book and smooth the paper on the front, then the back.

6. Decorate with stickers as desired.

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