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Vaun Thygerson and her children, L-R: Bryce, Zane & Cade
Cows and pigs and sheep…OH MY! It's that time of year again! Since moving here, I have looked forward to The Great Kern County Fair each year. I grew up attending and performing at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Looking back, some of my favorite memories are from time spent at the Blackfoot Fairgrounds. The county fair scene gives the community a chance to come together and accomplish something awesome and provides thousands of kids, like me, lifetime memories.

My enthusiasm about the fair has rubbed off on my three children. The younger two especially love to hang out with the animals. A few years ago, they even posed for a picture with a 6-foot-long boa constrictor. As the artist of the family, my daughter likes the arts and crafts exhibits. I am always amazed at the local talent on display.

One of the best parts of the fair – the scrumptious albeit fattening food! KCFM's editor LJ says her favorite fair food is caramel corn, a BBQ deep pit sandwich from Strasner's BBQ, and a giant sweet potato at the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) booth. I also make a stop each year at the BSA booth for a big, juicy, mouth-watering, cooked-to-perfection regular baked potato. Takes me back to my Idaho fair days!

As part of our Mothers, Shakers, and Community Makers section, I interviewed several directors from the Kern County Fair Board of Directors to find out more about the men and women behind this grand event. To read about their favorite attractions, food, and fair highlights, check out page 10.

Speaking of food…Tracie Grimes in her Humor at Home article on page 9, "Victual Ritual," writes about the challenge of having a family meal where the family actually sits and eats and converses around the table. I thoroughly enjoy her articles – they always make me feel like someone out there knows that the "real" world is nothing like a Stouffer's commercial. Thanks, Tracie!

Joan H. Haskins's Nanny's Story Time captures the creative and fun-loving spirit of local children in her tale, "Dial-A-Croc." on page 11. Joan loves writing stories based on real people, and it's fun to see her imaginative results. With a few details about my son's pre-Kindergarten boot camp, she used her creativity to weave a fun and entertaining story. So, if you would like a story written about someone you know, send your idea to with the subject line, "Idea for Nanny." Your very own child could be the star of her next story for KCFM.

This issue also features a special section starting on page 12 that focuses on the health of our mind, body, and spirit. Many local businesses are featured that offer enrichment programs for your children including art, gymnastics, and more. Also, Kathy Sena's article, "Kids and Sleep: What Parents Need to Know," explores a recent study that concludes most kids are not getting enough sleep. Find out how to address some of the most common sleep problems and make sure your kids are rested and ready to learn at school.

This month, whether you spend a day at the fair or a meal around the kitchen table, enjoy the changing season and the cooler days to come, too. And, make sure you and your children get a good night's sleep!

See you at The Great Kern County Fair!

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