Fall Sniffles? It Could be Allergies

There are many people who look forward to the cooler, crisp days of autumn. They're interested in seeing the foliage change color to those bright blazes of crimson and orange.

However, for the millions of allergy sufferers out there, autumn may be as tricky to navigate as the spring season. That's because pollen, mold, and ragweed are common offenders come this time of year. Heading outdoors to rake leaves or enjoy the scenery can cause itchy eyes, the sniffles, and more. The trouble is many people fail to realize allergies can occur in the autumn and chalk their sniffles and sneezes up to the common cold.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, don't wait until symptoms are in full force before taking action. Autumn comes around every year, and you can be proactive about keeping allergies at bay.

* Monitor the air. Get pollen and ragweed counts from any number of sources that keep track of this information. Many times, you can receive the air quality information when you're checking up on the weather.

* Avoid the outdoors as much as possible during peak levels. While you can't hermetically seal yourself inside, limiting exposure to high levels of allergens can help you feel better.

* Pay attention to clues. If you find you're the only person sneezing and suffering in your home, or your symptoms are not going away after a week, chances are it's allergies and not a cold.

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