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The Art of Death in Ancient Egypt Exhibit

An exciting exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts, "The Art of Death in Ancient Egypt," will be on display at California State University's, Bakersfield's Todd Madigan Gallery through November 8. On loan from the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, the collection follows the fascinating evolution of funerary practices through Egyptian history by showcasing items specifically created for the afterlife.

Art enthusiasts, ancient historians, and budding archaeologists who visit will get a first-hand look at artifacts spanning the ages. The collection's centerpiece features a stunning hand-painted sarcophagus dating back to 945-712 B.C. Other unique items include an offering table, Coptic period children's tunic, and a gold painted mummy mask.

Gallery admission is free; parking $2. For more information, please call 654-2487 or visit

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