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Where's My Mummy?

by Carolyn Crimi

Candlewick Press, 2008, $15.99. Ages 4 to 7.

"Just one more game of hide and shriek?" begged Little Baby Mummy as he ran to hide before Big Mama Mummy could answer. The game quickly turned to a spooky stroll through the deep dark woods as Little Baby Mummy ran into ghoulish creatures like Bones, Glob, Drac and the most frightening creature of all…a mouse. A cute and not too spooky. read about getting ready for bed.

And Then Comes Halloween

by Tom Brenner, (Candlewick Press, 2009), $16.99. "When autumn spiders weave silver webs…and the bones of trees begin to show…" The bright illustrations for this lyrical journey toward one of the most favorite holidays on the kid calendar make children of all ages want to grab a bag and join in the fun.

I Need My Monster

by Amanda Noll

Flash Light Press, 2009, $16.95. Ages 4-8.

When Ethan checked under his bed for his monster one night, he found a curious thing…a note saying "Gone fishing. Back in a week. – Gabe" Ethan is in a panic! How is he supposed to sleep without his monster? Other monsters come to apply for the position, but they're just not the same. Herbert's teeth aren't sharp enough, and Cynthia's not scary at all. Monster-loving kids will love the beautifully detailed artwork as they giggle to the topsy-turvy story of Ethan and his monster Gabe.

Dracula's Tomb

by Colin McNaughton

Candlewick, US edition 2009, $14.99. Ages 5-10

A re-issue popping up again just in time for Halloween, this funny, clever pop-up book gives readers a peek at some little-known facts about the world's biggest "pain in the neck." Find out just who was on the school "casket-ball" team, the names of some of Drac's childhood pets (Frankenswine and Snakula), while peeking at some vacation photos of Drac at Death Valley and floating on the Dead Sea. The last page is a real surprise that comes with a warning…Open if you dare!

Scream Street: Fang of the Vampire

by Tommy Donbavand

Candlewick Press, 2009, $5.99. Ages 8 to 10

Scream Street is a special place. Houses on Scream Street aren't occupied by your usual Smith and Jones families; a stunningly beautiful witch, Eefa Everwell, vampire family Alston, Resus and Bella Negative, and Doug, the totally radical zombie were just a few of the neighbors "greeting" Luke Watson and his mom and dad after the movers moved them to their new home, right on the edge of Scream Street. Perfect for Halloween, readers will love reading about Luke's quest to find the doorway back to the real world.

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