Can I Breastfeed by Baby if I have H1N1 Flu?

Mothers with flu symptoms can express breast milk for bottle feedings, which can be given to the baby by someone who is not sick. (It's safe for women to take antiviral medication to treat or prevent H1N1 flu while breastfeeding.)

Women who are breastfeeding and are well, but who are taking antiviral medications to prevent the flu because they have been exposed to the virus, should continue to breastfeed as long as they do not have symptoms of the flu such as fever, cough or sore throat.

Don't stop breastfeeding if your baby becomes sick with H1N1 flu. Give your baby additional opportunities to nurse throughout the course of the illness. Babies who are sick need more fluids than when they are well. The fluid babies get from breast milk is better than water, juice or Pedialyte because it also helps protect the baby's immune system.

If your baby is too sick to breastfeed, he or she can drink expressed breast milk from a cup, bottle, syringe or eye-dropper.

If you, your infant or someone else in your family becomes ill with flu symptoms, contact your doctor for further instructions.

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