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Save at Home Mommy

With the recession and struggling economy, almost all families are looking for ways to stretch every dollar. One local stay-at-home mom, Kerri Scarlett, wanted to save her family as much money as possible at the grocery store. Over six months ago, Kerri started using coupons, but with a unique strategy. She began to save her family up to $400 a month and decided to share her shopping secrets on her blog, www.SaveAtHomeMommy.com.

What started out as a way to share her ideas for smart shopping and coupon advice has turned into a nationally read blog. Her site contains shopping tips at stores in and around Bakersfield, Southern California, and many other national stores. She has been featured on several local radio shows and teaches dozens of other moms at classes on how to save big with coupons.

Kerri loves being able to stay at home with her girls and helping others learn how to make every dollar and coupon count. For more information, visit her blog.

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