When KGET's meteorologist, Kevin Charette, teaches elementary-school-age students, he uses metaphors to explain weather conditions in terms they can understand – sponge, boiling water, watch. "Depending on the age of the children, I change up my presentation," he says. "I keep it on a kid basis, so they can understand. You have to keep it simple in order to keep their attention."

Recently, Charette showed Mrs. RaeLynn Craley's fifth-grade class at American Elementary weather in action. Using many visuals, weather clips, the internet, and maps, he explained to the class what causes certain types of weather. He also showed them the new technological advances in his field and how he uses a "green screen" to simulate his daily forecasts.

"Having Mr. Charette come into the class with a hands-on demonstation gives the students the opportunity to see how the science concepts that we have been learning are put into action; and how science has an effect on our everyday life," says Craley.

Ten-year-old Jared Hart was particularly impressed with the video presentations of floods, earthquakes, lightening storms, and tornadoes. "He showed us this scary video about a flood, and there were some rescuers trying to rescue three people in the back of a truck," he says. "He told us that we shouldn't ride a bike in a flood, because we could fall, knock ourselves out, and drown."

Charette told them predicting weather can be tricky because it's constantly changing. "Sometimes Mother Nature likes to throw us a curve ball," he says. "When I'm wrong with my predictions, I take it with a grain of salt and move on."

Charette is originally from Washington state and has a lot of experience in both weather and news reporting. He has worked at KGET since 2005, and when he's not forecasting the weather, he serves as the commissioner for Cal Ripken Baseball's District 5 in Bakersfield. For more information, visit www.kget.com.

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