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Taming the Holiday Hustle: Use Reading to Relax

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo

by E.S. Redmond, (Candlewick, 2009), $15.99. Preschool-Kindergarten.

"All of the animals down at the zoo/Are snuffling and snorting and sneezing ACHOO!" It all starts when Felicity wipes her red, runny nose and transfers the "goo" and readers will follow Fecility's icky trail as she pets one animal after another, completely unaware "she'd caused such and hullabaloo." A timely, cute cautionary tale that shows young readers how easily the flu bug can spread and is sure to have them racing off to wash their hands.


Who Wants to Be a Poodle: I Don't

by Lauren Child (Candlewick, 2009), $16.99. Ages 4-8.

Trixie Twinkle Toes has every creature comfort within a manicured-paw's reach. She is adored by the enchanting Mademoiselle Bruleé and Trixie even has a maid to plump her pillows. But the poodle isn't happy. She doesn't like the pink ponchos, poofing and preening – she wants to step in puddles, to be dazzlingly dangerous and daring! Witty text and whimsical Parisian-style illustrations will delight young dog lovers

Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, by Simon Beecroft, (DK Publishing, 2009), $21.99. Ages 9 and up.

LEGO® and STAR WARS have the Force with them as they join with DK Publishing to release this smartly photographed guide that is sure to excite even the most adamant LEGO® STAR WARS fan. Readers will explore the process of designing and creating a LEGO® STAR WARS model, as they learn little-known facts on the accessories, characters, vehicles and weapons in the STAR WARS saga.

Open Me Up: Everything You Need to Know About the Human Body

(DK Publishing, 2009), $24.99. Ages 10 and up

Young readers can satisfy their curiosity about how their body works as they learn fun facts (like why astronauts grow three inches in space) through this dynamically visual book. They'll also get the lowdown on everything from cells to body systems as they get a "behind the scenes" view at what goes on in our innards. Readers are also swept through the history of medicine as they learn interesting tidbits like how magicians really work their "magic" and what sensory skills are needed to become a professional food taster.

How to Be a Genius

(DK Publishing, 2009), $19.99. Ages 11 and up.

Wish you could paint like Picasso or calculate like Einstein? Young readers can get their brain cells buzzing with the mind-expanding puzzles, games and optical illusions packed in this quirky brain-booster of a book! Readers will get some pointers on how to solve logic puzzles, learn how their brains effect their emotions and get some inside information on sure ways to boost their creativity. Fun for all ages, this one will be hard to put down!


The Lost Symbol,

by Dan Brown, (Knopf Doubleday, 2009), $29.99.

Readers are swept immediately into a deadly race as Robert Langdon makes a gruesome discovery in the US Capitol Building. The night takes a bizarre turn as Langdon receives an ancient invitation he must accept in order to save his friend and mentor, Peter Solomon. Obscure ancient histories, cryptic symbols and forgotten secrets are at the heart of this lightning-fast paced tale that is chalked full of twists and turns.

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