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When Ana Chavez's husband, Sgt. Robert Chavez, deployed to Afghanistan she wanted to find a way to be closer to him and show her pride in his service. At, she was able to create a treasured keepsake. She ordered a purse made out of his military uniform adorned with an "Army Wife" personalized patch and a yellow ribbon. She also had purses made out of his uniforms for her mother, sister, stepdaughter, niece, and his goddaughter.

"The bag means a lot to me because it was something my husband wore and every time I look at it I think of him and the sacrifice he is making for our country," Ana says. "I have had many people stop and me and ask about the bag, so I feel it's a great conversation starter."

Sgt. Chavez is currently serving his second tour in a small town called Gardez, Afghanistan. He served his first tour in Iraq and will return home in April. Ana and Robert were married in 2009, four weeks before he deployed, and he has two children from a pervious marriage, Cris and Anissa.

In 2004, Hero On My Arm was started by Seneca Hart, a working mom and Army wife with a deployed soldier. As a military family owned and operated business, each sales representative and custom order seamstress are military spouses or family members. The company's website reads, "For all our troops – Come home safe… Come home soon…"

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