"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands…" And, if don't feel like applauding, you can find other ways to show happiness. Sometimes singing along with a song like "So Happy Together," by The Turtles or "Oh Happy Day," by The Staple Singers can warm your soul.

Other times, eating food can spark endorphins that simulate happiness. Most people know chocolate creates euphoria, but other "happy" foods include bananas (rich in magnesium), oranges (chock full of Vitamin C), and walnuts (jam-packed with selenium).

Another way to guarantee a pleasant mood: change the color of your room. There is a reason people say they are, "tickled pink!" Pink, red, orange, and yellow – reminiscent of sunshine and flowers – create an atmosphere of joy.

KCFM wanted to ask five local, positive-minded moms where they find happiness in their lives. Here are their top five things to be happy about in 2010. So, get your hands clapping and find your bliss with help from our readers.

KCFM's Top Five "Happy" Songs

1. "Come On, Get Happy" – The Partridge Family TV Show theme

2. "I'm Happier Than The Morning Sun" – Stevie Wonder

3. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" – Bobby McFerrin

4. "Happy" – Soul Asylum

Russian author Leo Tolstoy once wrote, "If you want to be happy, be." Most of the time, being happy truly is a state of mind. Creating happiness and handling life's burdens largely depends on our attitudes. KCFM wanted to ask five local, positive-minded moms where they find happiness in their lives. Here are their top five things to be happy about in 2010.

Heather's Top Five:

Heather Devan, National Sales Account Manager for Melissa's World Variety Produce and mother to Miranda, Baylee, and Reid, has been married to her husband Chris for 13 years.

1. Movie night, curled up on the couch with the kids, husband and the dog.

2. The purity of kids voices when they sing.

3. Those moments when I realize that being a "broken record" with my kids was not in vain.

4. When I'm able to return a favor.

5. Those few hours of the week when no one is home and the laundry hampers are empty.

KCFM Staff Writer, Vaun's Top Five:

1. Seeing my husband and three children happy and successful.

2. A Route 44 Diet Coke with Lime at Sonic Burger.

3. Spending a day snow skiing with my husband.

4. A night out at the movies with my girlfriends.

5. Attending any kind of rock concert, especially if I know the words to all the songs.

Erin's Top Five:

Third grade teacher at Loudon Elementary and local mom, Erin Kloepper, has two children, Jake and Paige, and has been married to Matt for 12 years.

1. Seeing my kids and husband happy

2. Running

3. Teaching

4. Friends

5. Having some "me" time ...it's OKAY for a mom to say this!

Dina's Top Five:

Dina Castillo-Bustos, Speech-Language Pathologist at Rosedale Union School District and mother to Jonathan, Ryan, and Taylor, has been married to her husband Eddie for 10 years.

1. Being with my family - husband, children, parents, brothers/sisters-in-law, and nephews!

2. Blasting the stereo and dancing with my children.

3. Starbucks hot chocolate, blanket, and a good movie on a cold winter's night.

4. "Girls Night Out" with my best girlfriends!!!!

5. Seeing the smile on my students' faces when they have accomplished something!!!

Tarrah's Top Five:

Local mom Tarrah Mann has two children, Haden and Hailee. She has been married to her husband Robby for eight years.

1. God - Knowing the relationship I have with God makes me who I am.

2. My Husband - He is truly my best friend and the love of my life and being with him makes me very happy.

3. My Children - Seeing their smiling faces makes me happy.

4. My Friends - Surrounding myself with such awesome friends, who are so supportive of me, makes me feel happy.

5. Bubble Bath - Every night I take a bath, even if it's a late night. This is my time to relax and focus on myself, which in return, makes me happy.

Sarah's Top Five:

Sarah Pimentel, Office Manager for Bryce White, DDS, and mother to three grown children Bret, Andrea, and Roger, and grandmother to nine-month old Miles has been married to her husband Ron for 31 years.

1. My perfect husband

2. Great kids

3. Adorable grandson

4. Religious beliefs

5. Baking cookies

KCFM Publisher, LJ's Top Five:

1. Bible study with the ladies.

2. My husband's fresh-brewed morning coffee.

3. Watching the JAZZ beat the Lakers.

4. Carmels from V Chocolates.

5. A snuggle-fest with my three furry boys: Dodger, Jazz and Georgie.


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