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Real-World Connections Can Stir Kids' Interest in Reading

Art for Baby

Candlewick Press, 2008, $19.99. Ages 0 and up

Budding Bandini's will get an eye-full as they fix their gaze on this oversized board book filled with 12 fascinating black and white images created by some of the world's leading artists. From carrots to crawling figures, each picture is designed to capture a young baby's attention.

Oooh! Picasso

by Mil Niepold and Jeanyves Verdu

Tricyclepress, 2009, $14.95. Ages 3-5

Bright and playful close-ups of Picasso's sculptures are introduced to young readers in hopes of inspiring kids to create their own masterpieces from everyday items.

Our Children Can Soar: A Celebration of Rosa, Barack, and the Pioneers of Change

by Michelle Cook

Bloomsbury, 2009, $16.99. Ages 4-8

"The story of hope," Children's Defense Fund Founder Marian Wright Edelman writes in the book's foreward. Part poetry, part history, this uniquely illustrated book takes readers through the story of the Civil Rights Movement in a moving and inspiring way.

Lincoln and His Boys

by Rosemary Wells

Candlewick Press, 2009, $16.99. Ages 8-12.

Acclaimed as one of our country's most revered presidents, Abraham Lincoln was "Daddy" to Willie and Tad. Here is a look at Lincoln through the eyes of his two boys; from Willie's thrill at being on his first train trip (which happened to be during Lincoln's run for president)to the boys' ability to soften the mood in Cabinet meetings as our leaders struggled through the early days of the Civil War. An engaging biography that gives readers a look at Lincoln the man, not just the legend.

Henry Aaron's Dream

by Matt Tavares

Candlewick, 2010, $16.99. Ages 8-12.

Before "Hammerin' Hank" made it to the big leagues, Henry Aaron was a young boy growing up in Mobile, Alabama, with big hopes. An inspiring homage to strength of character and determination, this tale takes readers through Aaron's struggle as he went from dreaming of playing on "Whites Only" fields to becoming one of baseball's all-time greats.

Children's Book of Art

DK Publishing, 2009, $24.00. Ages 10 and up

From ancient to abstract, Michelangelo to Matisse, young readers will get a complete picture of the artwork and artists that have impacted our world in this engaging and beautifully illustrated introduction to the world of art.


The Book of Lies

by Brad Meltzer

Grand Central Publishing, 2009, $7.99

Cain kills Abel; the world's first recorded murder. But the Bible is silent about one key detail – the murder weapon. In 1932, Mitchell Siegel was killed by three bullets. Those three bullets inspired Siegel's son, Jerry, to create the world's first bullet-proof man: Superman. What do these two murders, committed thousands of years apart, have in common? This is the heart of the mystery as Cal Harper and his long-lost father scramble to unravel a mystery of the Bible while unlocking unknown secrets of Superman. A fast-paced, intriguing story that keeps readers guessing.

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