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Just Organize Yourself: Organizing Tip from Joy

The secret to staying on top of your day is developing an efficient morning routine! As you plug in productive household tasks and practice these tasks daily, your routine will become a habit that will help transform your home from chaos to calm! Here's an example of an efficient morning routine:

Wipe Kitchen Counters & Sweep (Clear off the counter clutter as you go.)

Kids Empty Dishwasher & Trash (Help your children develop their own routines.)

Start a Load of Laundry (Finish one load each day from sort to shelf.)

Declutter for 10 minutes (Declutter each day to keep piles away!)

Prep for Dinner (Find your recipe and get out the ingredients.)

For more tips, visit Joy's organizational blog, You can even sign up to be one of her "organized ladies" and receive e-mail updates.

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Motor City Jan19 Lexus UX leader
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