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National Kite Month

April is National Kite Month sponsored by the American Kiteflyers Association and the Kite Trade Association. Use these tips from the National Kite Month website to choose the perfect day to fly, then get ready to soar.

* Wind that is too strong or too light is difficult to fly in. A flag or windsock is handy to help you see the wind. About 5-25 mph is best for most kites (when leaves and bushes start to move, but before it really starts to blow).

* Flying is most fun when the wind is medium, so you can do more than just hold on. You can make your kite dance across the sky by pulling in and letting out the line.

* Flying space should be a clear, open area. Stay away from roads, power lines, or airports. Open fields, parks, and beaches are great for flying kites. The more room you have, the more line you can let out.

* Remember that as the wind goes over and around trees and buildings, it gets bumpy and difficult to fly kites in. Watch out for kite-eating trees.

* No storms: Never fly in rain or lightening. Electricity in clouds is attracted to damp kite lines and foolish kite fliers.

Additional kite-flying hints and safety tips:

* Always fly kites away from airports, away from power lines, and never over roads.

* Always fly away from other people.

* Remember to be considerate of others.

* If you tangle lines with another kite, don't yank the line or it might break. Fliers should walk together and the tangle will slide right down the line to where you can untangle it.

* If you think you're getting good, offer to help a friend. Flying is fun ... pass it on.

* As a kiteflier, you are responsible for thinking about safety and what you are doing.

For more hints from the pros, including how to choose a kite and how to get it off the ground, visit

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