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What's Your Point?

I'm looking at my 1 point Weight Watchers Chocolate Mint Bar and I'm thinking, "Seriously?" It's barely even two bites! I'd be willing to bet that the same size of any candy bar, Snickers, Butterfinger, Almond Joy – you know, the really good stuff – would be 1 point. And frankly, I'd rather have a bite or two of "the good stuff" over just about anything that has the phrase "Weight Watchers" on it. Must be a psychological thing for me; maybe if I don't feel like I'm being a good girl, maybe if I feel like I'm even being a little bad, my craving for chocolate seems to be more satiated. Like the jingle says, "Gimme a break of a Kit Kat bar"…but then you better take the rest of it away before my sweet tooth cranks into high gear.

I wish I could just have that sweet tooth pulled. My son pointed out which one he thought it was when he was about two (cutest story ever…"Mommy, I think that's your sweet tooth because it looks a little nicer than the rest"). But lately, I've just had one too many doctors tell me that "the party" (to which I have never seen the invitation) is over, and now its time to start getting serious about diet and exercise. Party poopers!!!

Which brings me back to my point(s); here I sit calculating points for this, that, and the other thing and trying to think of ways I can undo the damage I can't seem to keep from doing to myself on those "bad points days." Sixty minutes of spinning and step aerobics are high on the point value scale (8 points each – that's a full meal!). But some days, I can't seem to work in the hour it takes for me to earn that kind of sweat equity, so I find myself looking frantically to see if activity points are listed for practically anything I do. How many points for being a timer at my daughter's swim meet? I mean, that's a good two hours of getting up, leaning over, twitching my thumb, writing down the times, then sitting down, not to mention the added "yoga pose" I have to practice on deck to avoid getting drenched when timing the breaststroke (I like to call it "Lady Staying Dry").

Or scorekeeping for a junior varsity softball team. The standing on tippy toes, craning to see if the out was 1-3 (pitcher throws to first base) or if first base made the out unassisted (1-1 is the way I'd score that one)…could that be worth at least one point?

And those sports awards nights ought to be worth at least a couple of activity points. Yea sure, you're sitting for most of the time, but there are the bursts of enthusiastic applause, the yelling out of your kid's name, not to mention the energy it must take your body to exert as the will to live is slowly sucked out of your body when the evening's festivities enter hour number two.

But, I'm learning to embrace the point system. Those Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars are mighty tasty (1 point), and I found a delicious recipe for Greek-Style Cheeseburgers (6 points). And sometimes, I'm surprised at how low in points certain foods are. Who knew a serving of polar bear flesh (I kid you not – this is actually listed on the Weight Watchers food database) would only be worth 3 points? Not to mention the fact that you probably gain about a billion activity points just trying to gather this particular delicacy.

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