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Most pregnant women — especially first-time moms-to-be — have a lot of questions about their own changing bodies and questions about their baby's development in the womb.

When Dr. Christine Harris, Ph.D., was pregnant with her children, she had some of the very same questions. "My practitioners offered good care," she said, "but their answers to my questions about my baby's development always seemed vague."

Like so many other women, she wondered what features were present at different stages and if her baby was processing any sensory information.

She eventually found answers while researching a textbook. She realized that a lot of parents-to-be could benefit from this information, so she developed "The Pregnancy Journal" (Chronicle Books). The third edition of the best-selling book is fully revised with the latest medical information on both mom's health and the baby's development.

"It's my hope that the journal will help parents-to-be feel knowledgeable, aware, and comfortable about the process of their pregnancy and the development of their baby before birth," she said. "It can also be a keepsake to share with your baby when he or she is older."

With over 1 million copies sold, the journal is a day-by-day guide to what is happening during pregnancy. There are also tips for coping with the many changes to a woman's body and places to record notes, thoughts, and feelings.

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