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So many choices. What Organic produce should you buy for your family?

The nonprofit, Environmental Working Group has tagged a list of twelve fruits and vegetables it says are the "worst" – (containing the most harmful chemical residues)and fifteen it says are the "best" with the recommendation to buy organic when buying the "worst." Additionally, The Organic Center has a free, downloadable and printable "Pocket Guide www.organic-center.org/reportfiles/TOC_Pocket_Guide.pdf," with a list of produce that passes the greatest pesticide risk per serving.


Peaches - Apples - Bell Peppers - Celery - Nectarines - Strawberries - Cherries - Kale - Lettuce

Grapes (imported) - Carrots - Pears


Lowest organic produce in pesticides - Purchase these whenever possible.

Onion - Avocado - Sweet Corn

Pineapple - Mango - Asparagus

Sweet Peas - Kiwi - Cabbage

Eggplant - Papaya - Watermelon

Broccoli - Tomato - Sweet Potato

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