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Zone-Out this Summer! Keeping your home organized when the children are home for the summer is like trying to keep the sidewalks shoveled during a snowstorm! But, don't get overwhelmed: Zone-out instead!

Divide your home into four zones.

For example:

1) Family Room/Living Room

2) Kitchen

3) Bathroom/Laundry

4) Bedrooms

Have your family focus on one zone each week and work daily in the zone for at least 15 minutes. Start with de-cluttering. As the clutter disappears, the area will become easier to keep clean. If a task is missed, just catch it next time around.

Cleaning and organizing by zones keeps mom from becoming overwhelmed, encourages the family to work together, and ensures that the major areas of the home are tackled each month. So, trade frustration for fond memories this summer by zoning-out!

For more tips, visit her organizational blog, You can even sign up to be one of her "organized ladies" and receive e-mail updates.

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