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Staff Writer Vaun Thygerson Photo by son, Cade
Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about the BLING! I can't get enough of it – hats, shirts, shoes, and even my toes are dazzled to "Rock Star" perfection! But, by far, my most favorite blingy items are in my jewelry box (costume, of course, because then I can buy them bigger and sparklier). Believe it or not, I blame my father for my obsession. He was the one that introduced me to all things shiny and polished to a high gloss.

My 82-year-old dad, who is retired Air Force and is as masculine and stoic as humanly possible, has an artistic side to him as well. One of his lifelong hobbies has been making jewelry. Recently, my dad, my daughter, and her two BFFs, sat around our kitchen table making bracelets and earrings using crystal beads when I had a déjà vu moment.

I have a lot of happy, childhood memories creating different kinds of wearable art with my dad. We would spend a lot of time looking for the perfect stones and settings to use for his trinkets. I am so happy that my daughter will have these memories with her grandpa. After all, time spent with our dads and grandpas make for some of our most treasured memories.

This month, we celebrate all things dad, which include his hobbies: fishing, golfing, and almost any sporting event you can name. One local father, Greg Kerr, sportscaster for KBAK-TV, has taken his love of sports and used it to teach life lessons for his son, Kyle, and now for his grandson, Ryker. In the Mothers, Shakers, and Community Makers article on page 17, you can read all about Greg and his passion for sports and our community.

In Rick Epstein's article, "Towering Expectations" on page 11, he writes about a recent father-daughter outing at his local YMCA's rock-climbing tower that put some life lessons to the test. He was proud of his daughter who climbed to the tower's top, but not just because of the physical feat, but for not giving up as well. He says fathers can't help having expectations for their children, because they want to see them succeed.

After interviewing some local moms for the "Clip Your Way to Big Savings" article on page 8, I have decided I need to start using their unique shopping approach to save my family some green stuff. Kerri Scarlett of "Save At Home Mommy" literally cut her family's grocery bill in half using coupons to their maximum effectiveness. And, local mom, Emily Waite, enjoys the game of hunting for the best deals. In today's economic climate, what family couldn't use a little extra cash in their wallets?

Along with some extra cash, most of us could use more humor in our lives as well. Tracie Grimes's Humor at Home article, "Children Should Be Seen and Not Smelled" on page 10, gives us her hilarious and one-of-a-kind outlook on motherhood. She writes about the different aromas that permeate the air when children are afoot. And asks this question repeatedly, "Why can't they seem to smell it?" Now with summer here, she has the answer to keep the stink at bay: send them to the backyard with a bar of soap and hose them off every few days.

June's calendar not only celebrates Father's day, it also marks the first day of summer and all that goes with that: swimming, beach trips, and lots and lots of sunscreen. So, this summer, whether you're clipping coupons, playing sports, or making jewelry, remember that you're mostly making memories.

Happy Father's Day to all the men in our lives that have given us so many good times to cherish!

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