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Greg Kerr Talks About fatherhood, life's lessons & the spirit of competition

Greg Kerr and son Kyle, 14.
Greg Kerr, KBAK-TV/KBFX-TV Sports Director, believes sports act as a metaphor for life and can instill invaluable life lessons from exhilaration to disappointment and most everything in between. "[Sports teaches] teamwork, discipline, accountability, honesty, and humility, just to name a few. It also afforded me some lifelong memories and friendships," he says.

He recently told an audience at a CSUB Sports Dinner and Auction that "the most passionate people in the world are the people in athletics." He has dedicated his life and career to prove this statement true. And, he has passed his enthusiasm for sports along to his 14-year-old son Kyle.

As an eighth-grade student at New Life Christian School, Kyle excels at basketball and roots for the Los Angeles Lakers. He even watches NBA-TV every morning while getting ready for school.

When Kyle was younger, Greg took an active role in his son's sports by coaching him in football, baseball, and basketball. "As a sportscaster, I love watching the spirit of competition, so it would only seem logical that would apply when my own son is playing. As he grew older, it was time for him to hear another voice give instruction," Greg says. "He recently had some basketball sessions with Winston Crite (former South High and NBA player) and he loved the experience."

Some of the main life lessons Greg wants Kyle to learn through his sports experiences are "sportsmanship to be sure, play hard, compete with honor, don't cheat yourself or your teammates by giving less than your best. Be humble in victory, accept defeat with dignity," he says.

Kyle has demonstrated that he takes these lessons to heart. His dad says he continually shows good sportsmanship and humility. "I'm very proud that he plays hard, and in the end is a very decent young man, quick to compliment teammates and congratulate opponents," Greg says.

Greg recently became a grandfather when his stepdaughter, Sherah, had a baby boy named Ryker. He looks forward to sharing some of these life lessons with him as well. Ryker was born with a heart condition that will prevent him from some physical activities, but Greg says he's a battler and a miracle. "He's a great little boy and I am excited to see what God has in store for him," he says.

Greg's love of sports and sportscasting began at an early age. In fact, he'd go in the backyard to announce his actions while playing an imaginary baseball game complete with him singing the national anthem. "Once I realized I wasn't talented enough to play beyond the collegiate level, I decided I wanted to stay close to the action and sportscasting had always been a dream of mine," he says.

As a member of the KBAK-TV team since 1987, Greg has had many opportunities to connect with local sports players and coaches. He says local sports give us something ESPN and other national outlets cannot replicate; and they give our community an identity. "We have enough bad stuff going on in our society, I think it is important to support and recognize young athletes who are looking to achieve," he says.

When he coached youth sports, Greg enjoyed seeing the children grow and change because of their experiences. "I loved coaching the kids who were not as talented, the really good players didn't need my help, but to see a light come on for the introverted kids or kids who just didn't feel comfortable is a great feeling," Greg says. "They crave acceptance from their coaches and teammates, even their parents, and there's nothing better than giving praise to a young athlete for no other reason than they tried their best."

Greg recently completed teaching his first year of broadcasting at Bakersfield Christian High School. He says his wife, Shauna, also likes sports and especially enjoys watching Kyle play. They have been married for 15 years. Greg's dad worked for Naval Intelligence so he moved around a lot during his youth. He graduated from high school in Virginia and played baseball at Virginia Commonwealth University. Before arriving in Bakersfield, he worked in television in Billings, Montana and Greenville, North Carolina.

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