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Whoever invented the snow cone came up with one of summer's most perfectly brilliant simple pleasures. What could be better than a paper cone filled with shaved ice and topped with flavored syrup? Better yet is after the heat melts the ice and the cone buckles leaving you slurping up the sugary syrup water before it spills out onto your clothes.

One of the world's most famous shaved ice stands is located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii in a little beach town called Haleiwa. Matsumoto's Shave Ice offers the traditional flavors, but you can also get your cone spiced up with a little ice cream or Azuki beans. I attended college near this picturesque town and I had a pineapple shaved ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream any chance I could. Absolute perfection!

So, the other day when my daughter and her three friends wanted to make snow cones, I relished in the idea. I have the Hamilton Beach snow cone maker and an assortment of syrups, along with the brightly colored cone cups and hot pink spoon straws to complete the Mahalo experience. Their snow cone adventure went one step further – for sale in my driveway. And, on a hot summer day, they had plenty of takers.

They set up a snow cone stand and managed to get the word out in a variety of ways - advertised via bicycle signs, sent text message alerts to friends, used the old-fashioned neighborhood gossip grapevine, and stopped people driving by. Their strategy worked and they even made some green stuff, but most importantly, they spent an afternoon having fun and cooling off with a tasty treat.

This month is National Ice Cream Month. You can celebrate the Fourth of July with something cold and creamy. Find out more about ice cream and all its scrumptiousness on page 8.

Along with fireworks, parties with decadent desserts galore go hand in hand with our nation's birthday celebration. And, to find more ideas for fun food for the national holiday, check out page 9.

In our "Mothers, Shakers, and Community Makers" article on page 15, I interviewed boy scouts who are serving our community and making it a better place to live. Phillip Radon and Jacob Graff recently made the rank of Eagle Scout thanks to service projects at CALM and Bakersfield Rescue Mission, respectively. To find out more about our strong local scouting organization, check out page 15.

Rick Epstein's monthly article, "Board Games: Are We Having Fun Yet?" on page 11, explores the different types of board games that have stood the test of time. He writes about both the fun and annoying parts of different games such as Chess, Monopoly, Candy Land, and Clue. And, he even acknowledges that some of the most commonly played games in our homes don't come with a box and a set of instructions.

In this month's Humor at Home article, "I Know You are But What am I?" Tracie Grimes writes about another type of game the 10-and-under crowd play – jokes and gibes. She writes about her recent experience as chaperone for her son's fourth grade field trip. The same one-liners are still being practiced today just as she experienced when she was his age, especially the fear of catching "cooties." Wanna laugh? Turn to page 10.

During July, kick back, relax, revel in the schedule-free days of summer, and celebrate the 4th of July with flair. Also, don't forget to indulge in a sugary-sweet-covered shaved ice and savor the simple pleasures of summer.


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Kern Family Health 25 yrs
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