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Make Summer Reading Fun...Not Work!

It's Vacation Time

by Lerryn Korda

(Candlewick Press, 2010), $8.99.

Little Nye and his friends are excited about their summer vacation. They've packed for everything; balls, kites, swim fins…but the suitcase is so full it just won't close. You and Junior will enjoy finding out Nye, Gracie, Lester and Nella's solve this all-too-common problem as you read and enjoy the cool illustrations.

Noah's Garden

by Mo Johnson

(Candlewick Press, 2010), $15.99.

A hospital courtyard becomes the background for a boy's lively imagination as young Noah and his family waits for baby Jessica to get well enough to join them in the garden. Whimsical illustrations of Noah's imaginative pirate battles, camel rides and flights on seaplanes add charm to this sensitive story. Perfect for reading with young children when someone they love is in the hospital.

The Once Upon a Time Map Book

by BG Hennessy

(Candlewick Press, 2010, paperback edition), $6.99.

From a tour of Neverland with Peter Pan to a jaunt through the Enchanted Forest with your tour guide, Snow White, parents and children will enjoy this fantastic travel guide through six magical storybook lands. A perfect bedtime read-aloud title that gets kids involved as they use a compass to find directions, and get a close look a special points of interest. And see if you can find the hidden treasures (hint: there's one in each land).

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

by John Grisham

(Dutton, 2010), $16.99..

Theodore Boone's life has always revolved around the courtroom. His parents are both lawyers and Theo knows every policeman, clerk and judge in town. He also knows a lot about the law. But little did this precocious 13-year-old know that his very life would be at stake because of his dedication to truth and justice. John Grisham introduces his mastery of the legal thriller to a whole new audience as he spins this tale of intrigue and suspense around a young boy who's dragged into the middle of his hometown's most sensational murder trial.

Pandora Gets Lazy

by Carolyn Hennesy

(Bloomsbury, 2009), $14.99.

Pandora and her friends Iole, Alcie and Homer just can't stay out of trouble. But what's a girl to do when Hera has kidnapped her precious dog, Dido? An adventure of mythic proportions, this whimsical tale of supernatural adventures taken on by Greece's coolest teens will keep young readers turning those pages.

Return to Sullivan's Island

by Dorothea Benton Frank

(William Morrow, 2009), $25.99.

The next generation of the Hamilton/Hays saga unfolds in this sequel to Sullivan's Island as Beth, fresh out of college, agrees to spend a year taking care of the family home instead of following her heart's desire to travel, go to grad school and write the great American novel. Other desires spring to life as Beth feels the island's magic, not to mention a few nudges from Island Gamble's (the family home) resident haunts.

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