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Organizing with JOY

Blast Off to Back-to-School Bliss!

If "Mommy - I can't find my . . ." is a familiar phrase when school is in session, creating a Family Launch Pad should be at the top of your Back-to-School checklist.

A Launch Pad is a designated space to stow "out-the-door" items for each family member. It's home to permission slips, homework, library books, and science fair projects and helps tame the chaos.

Here's how to set up your own:

Choose a basket, bin or shelf for each family member to use as his or her own launch pad.

Encourage everyone to stop at their "launch pad" every time they leave or return home.

After homework is done - everything goes back to the launch pad so it's ready to grab.

For more organizing ideas - sign up for JOY's "Back to School" Organizing Boot Camp through NOR Park and Recreation or check out her blog at justorganizeyourself.blogspot.com.

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