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Did you know? There are more chickens than people on earth. Women blink almost twice as much as men. Leonard Da Vinci invented the scissors. I did not know any of these facts until I recently looked them up online. I have always had a natural curiosity. In fact, sometimes I can be almost annoyingly curious. I ask a lot of questions of both friends and strangers alike. I think that's why I became a writer because I like to know and learn about everything. I live the adage that you need to learn something new every day.

Part of my curiosity-that-killed-a-cat intensity leads me to have some fun adventures. Recently, my sister and I decided to try a new hobby: glass blowing. We spent an afternoon at an art studio on the Coast experimenting with this glassforming technique under the supervision of a professional gaffer named Andrew. For my project I picked a fluted bowl using Cobalt blue and white with a hint of green. I wanted to do blue and gold, but learned that those two colors combined would make brown another new tidbit of information.

The 2,000-plus degree furnace keeps the glass at a honey-like consistency so it drips off the end of the blowpipe unless you keep it turning in a continuous circular motion. After spinning in the designed color chips, adding layers of molten glass, blowing it into a bubble, popping out the bottom with a hard breath, and hanging the opened ball upside down to flute, I had created a beautiful piece of art. I love learning new things and this time I have something to show for it too!

So, when my kids start complaining about going back to school, I tell them that the best place to enhance their daily brain cells is at school. Back to school means a lot of different things for each of us. My soon-to-be sixth grader loves school and can't wait to start up again. My almost first-grader is more of a free spirit who likes to run and play instead of sitting still for hours on end. And, my four-year-old gets lonely without his siblings around all day. For me, this time of year means switching gears from relaxation to ROUTINE!

Another guarantee of the back-to-school routine is the annual science fair project. In his Fatherhooding article, "The Best Science Project Ever," on page 13, Rick Epstein writes about the different kinds of science projects that make the grade. And, those that don't even come close to measuring up.

In Tracie Grimes's book review picks, "Back to Teachers; Back to Books," on page 14, she says one way to help kids transition from summer to school is by having books around the house that will peak their interests. Some of the books she suggests include "Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully," by Julianne Moore; "Teacher's Pets," by Dayle Anne Dodds; and "How the World Works: A Hands-On Guide to Our Amazing Planet," by Christine Dorion. And, just for moms, she recommends, "Dune Road," by Jane Green.

In her monthly Humor at Home article, "The Cost of Companionship" on page 15, Tracie Grimes delves into the importance and inexplicable worth of our family pets. She writes about what kinds of materialistic comforts we would give up just to make our pets happy and healthy. So true!

No matter how you look at August as a month full of learning possibilities or endless carpools it continues to be a time of wonderment and excitement: wearing a brand new outfit for the first day of school, smelling a box of unused crayons, following the rules of a new teacher, making a new friend, or finding a new hobby. Back-to-school time gives us many opportunities to peak our curiosity!

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