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Talking Points for Parents

osh Shipp is an anomaly an adult that teens actually listen to and like. Teens trust the hilarious 29-year-old and relate to him and his personal stories of being a class clown and foster kid. Because of that he has become an authority on teen communication, featured on MTV, CNN, FOX, Comedy Central, and more.

Shipp's advice for parents navigating the mysterious waters of the teen psyche:

1. How to ruin your teen's life

If you want to ruin your teen's life, you should spend your time trying to be their friend. Kids don't need more friends. They need guidance and they need it from loving supportive parents. You should know that they will never admit to it, but deep down they need you to say 'No'.

2. Are you a robot?

It's a tough question but you need to ask it anyway. Bad Robots have a tendency to attempt to download their programming into others around them, especially their teens. You want them to be successful, but you can't expect that your personal programming is going to be their ticket. It's time to teach your teen how to develop their own personal programming and develop their own future so you can quit having that 'doctor/lawyer' argument that keeps occurring. (P.S. This is the reason they don't want to talk to you about their future)

3. Let them eat cake (...and vomit)

It's tough to watch your kids fail. But is it worth it in the long run? Sometimes you feel the need to make sure they never learn the world is a harsh place and it's out to get them. However, one day, after you've paid for their college, they're going to learn the truth and it's not going to end well. You have two options: Allow them to fail under your supervision and learn their own lessons OR let them move into your basement for the next 20 years and throw a bag of Cheetos down the stairs each day to feed them so they don't have to stop playing their video games. Your call.

4. How to manage tough conversations

Understand before seeking to be understood. You may know better ... but your teen doesn't know that. If you want to get through to your teen and help them understand your wisdom, you must first take the time to understand where they are coming from. If your teen feels like a locked door, this is your key to open them up.

5. Pretend your teen is blind and deaf

This may not be hard for many of you, but if you want to get through to your teens, pretend they're blind one day and TELL them how much you love them and how proud of them your are. The next day, pretend they're deaf. Hug them, put your arms around them, give them one of those little friendly arm punches, just not too hard there, tiger.

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