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Maisy's Book of Things that Go

by Lucy Cousins

(Candlewick, 2010), $12.99.

Young readers will enjoy making boats sail, trolleys move and hot air balloon rise in this colorful pull-tab book. Children will get a taste of science while having fun learning that there are so many ways to get around.

Ask Dr. K. Fisher about Planet Earth

by Claire Llewellyn

(Kingfisher, 2009), $10.99.

Curious creatures from faraway lands ask Dr. K. Fisher for some pretty off-the-wall tips: an emperor penguin who has a "bad feeling" about his birthplace wants to know if there's "anything good" about Antarctica; an young salmon wants to know what an ocean is and why he needs to journey there. The questions will have kids laughing while Dr.'s expert advice teaches them about how animals cope with their world.

Freckleface Strawberry and the Dodgeball Bully

by Julianne Moore

(Bloomsbury, 2009), $16.99.

Although Freckleface Strawberry loves going to school and especially getting there early so she has more time to play, her happiness turns to fear on rainy days when the kids go in the gym to play dodgeball. Scary dodgeball. With Windy Pants Patrick. But then one day she conquers her fear and learns that dodgeball isn't so scary and Windy Pants isn't really all that mean.

Teacher's Pets

by Dayle Ann Dodds

(Candlewick, 2010 paperback edition), $6.99.

What starts out to be a "just for the day" pet show-and-tell time quickly turns into a zoo as the pets entering Miss Fry's classroom for a "visit" end up staying. And even though Miss Fry was anxious for the children to take their pets home on the last day of school, her classroom was sooo quiet! Then she found one special pet left behind… A nice story about a gentle-hearted teacher.

How the World Works; A Hands-On Guide to Our Amazing Planet

by Christine Dorion

(Templar, 2010), $17.99

Amazing, action-packed pop-ups will delight young readers as they pull tabs and fold back flaps to reveal amazing facts, such as types of clouds, how tides move, and the carbon cycle. The pop-up tree showing how plants live is extra cool!


Dune Road

by Jane Green

(Plume, 2010), $15.00

After divorcing her husband, Kit Hargrove and her two kids move from the family "McMansion" to a perfect New England-style clapboard home. Her kids are content, Kit's job as an assistant to a world-famous author is one anyone would envy and she's even started dating a new man. But when a sister she never knew she had suddenly turns up, Kit starts questioning her "idyllic" new world…haunts.

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