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Fun Experiments for Budding Scientists

Why is the sky blue? How do plants grow? What makes the wind blow? Children are born detectives, and have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. The newly launching I'm a Scientist series provides scientific facts and processes in digestible doses of information—perfect for mini scientists.

In I'm a Scientist: Backyard, children and their families will become inspired naturalists while discovering all there is to see in their own backyards. Kids will make a bug house out of a soil sample to see what kinds of creepy-crawlies live within, and will learn about wind and air movement by making their own buzzy bee pinwheels.

In I'm a Scientist: Kitchen, rainy days won't stop the family fun. Kids can let their creative energy flow in the kitchen by learning how static electricity works, and discover density by floating and sinking eggs in water glasses.

Each page spread features two, fun bite-sized experiments with a lift-the-flap conclusion. Both of these books will keep children learning throughout the summer holiday, and they will be having so much fun being budding scientists that they won't even know they are also learning valuable information about biology, physics, chemistry and nature.

Kids will love the bold bright photography action-packed images. They'll be inspired by the fun the children in the books are having. Parents will love the easy-to-use format, the "Stuff You Need" sidebars that indicate everything they'll need to complete projects, and the "Be a Safe Scientist" tips at the beginning of each book.

Key Features:

- First concepts in science are explained in step-by-step words and pictures

- Lively, patterned text develops reading and vocabulary

- Suggested activities establish parent-and-child interaction

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