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As school gets back into full swing, school-aged kids across the country are once again spending their afternoons doing homework instead of lounging around the house as if it were still summer vacation. While home might be the ideal spot to spend lazy summer afternoons, it's often not ideal for doing homework or working on other school projects.

However, finding a study spot does not have to involve packing the kids into the car and heading to the nearby public library. In fact, parents can create the ideal study spot right at home.

* Make the room available at all times. First and foremost, a study spot needs to be available to kids every day. If Mom or Dad has a home office and travel two or three days a week, that's still not an ideal spot for studying, as Mom and Dad will be working in the home office themselves whenever they're not out on the road. When choosing a study spot, be sure to look for a place in the home that's available to kids at all times, not just certain days of the week.

* Look for a distraction-free zone. Today's kids have more to distract them than ever before. Computers, video games, television, and even cellular phones can all keep kids from making the most of their study time. Look for a spot in the home that's devoid of distraction. It should be a place where the television cannot be heard and kids won't have access to phones, video games, or other items that might make it hard to concentrate on schoolwork.

* Don't make things too comfortable. While an uncomfortable chair can make it difficult to concentrate on studies, it can also be hard to focus when the environment is overly comfortable and accommodating. If kids like to study in their bedrooms, be sure to have desks in there. If there's nothing but a bed and a beanbag chair, kids are almost certain to spend more time napping than they are studying.

* Keep things on the bright side. Poorly lit rooms tend to make kids drowsy, which can make it more difficult to study and absorb information. When finding a study spot, if it's not possible to find a room that's naturally bright with sunlight, make sure the room is well lit with lamps or an overhead light fixture.

* Check the room's temperature. A study spot in the home should not be too cold or too hot. As any homeowner knows, some rooms in the home are colder than others, while some rooms feel like a sauna. When looking for a study spot, look for a room that is not extreme in either direction. One that provides a steady, comfortable temperature (room temperature, for instance) is better than a room that might get too cold in winter or prove too hot in early autumn. Either of these scenarios would force kids to switch study spots during the school year, which could prove detrimental to study habits.

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