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Organizing with JOY: The Holidays are Coming!

Thinking of all the JUNK that comes with the upcoming holiday season sends me into a panic – the decorations, costumes, treats, the trimmings, the trappings... (now I'm sounding like the Grinch). The only thing that keeps me sane is to de-junk the house BEFORE the holidays get under way. Get rid of the junk now, and make room for holiday traditions instead of holiday frustration!

Here's what to do:

• Go room by room and take a good hard look at the items in your home. 

• Evaluate toys, games, decorations, and projects.  

• Discard, donate, or box-up anything you can live without for the next few months.  

• Be tough on yourself in order to clear the way for the holiday hoopla.  

As you move through your home, jot down anything you might need for the next few months. In the kitchen, stock up on paper goods or baking supplies. In the bathroom, replace tattered towels with a new set for holiday guests. Each step you take now will be one less item on your holiday to-do list.

 If you want more tips for creating meaningful holidays without the stress or the mess, check out Joy's organizing classes through NOR Parks and Recreation.

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