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Questions to Ask Your Doctor - If You Find a Lump or Change in Your Breast

Breast lumps are actually very common, especially in women who still have periods. They normally go away by the end of your period.Most lumps are not cancerous. But, do not ignore a change in your breast. The best advice is to see a health care provider answers to the following questions will help you understand tests that may be necessary to diagnose a breast problem.

Q: Do I need a mammogram or ultrasound?

Q: When will I receive the results of the mammogram or ultrasound?

Q: What is the next step if the mammogram and ultrasound are inconclusive?

Q: Should I get an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)?

Q: Can this lump be aspirated (fluid or cells removed with a needle)?

If so, who will perform the test?

Q: Will I need a biopsy (tissue is examined under a microscope)?

Q: If further tests and/or treatment are needed, will you refer me to a doctor who specializes in breast problems?

Q: Do you recommend any special follow-up?

Q: Other than cancer, what causes breast lumps or changes?

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