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A Sick Day for Amos McGee, by Philip C. Stead

Roaring Brook Press, 2010, $16.99.

Zookeeper Amos McGee finds out he has friends of all ages and species when he woke up one day with the sniffles. He was too sick to go in to the zoo to take care of his animal pals, so his good friends the elephant, tortoise, penguin, rhinoceros and the owl decided they would take care of Amos. An elegantly illustrated story that tells a sweet tale of friendship.

Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween by Alethea Kontis

Candlewick Press, 2010

A isn't ready for Halloween. But it doesn't really matter since Halloween begins with an "H." Neon-bright illustrations spell out spooky words like Nightmare for "N" for and Zombie for "Z" as this inside-out alphabet prepares young readers for Halloween.

Whoo Goes There? by Jennifer A. Ericsson

Roaring Brook Press, 2009, $17.99

Extraordinary illustrations tell this intriguing story of one hungry owl's search for his dinner. With rustles, cracks and thumps ending every page, young readers will be eager to read on to find out just what creature Owl is hunting for his evening meal.

Ant and Honey Bee: A Pair of Friends at Halloween by Megan McDonald

Candlewick Press, 2010, $14.99

With no time to spare before going trick-or-treating on Halloween, Ant and Honey Bee settle on a perfect pair for their costumes: a washer and dryer. But not only were their friends unable to guess what they were, their costumes became soggy globs of cardboard. Young readers will giggle as they read how these quick-thinking pals solve their mushy-mess costume problems.

Beryl: A Pig's Tale by Jane Simmons

Little, Brown and Company, 2010, $14.99

Beryl is a pig on a mission. She sets out on a journey to get away from the mean, angry pigs living on her home farm, determined to find a family that will love her – pig snout and all. A great book for teaching children a lesson in keeping yourself open to unlikely friendships as well as what "home" really means.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Vintage Books, 2009) $7.99

A provocative, bold tale centering on a 40-year-old missing persons case in which journalist Mikael Blomkvist tries to solve the puzzle of young Harriet Vanger's sudden disappearance. Harriet's dotting uncle, Henrik Vanger, has been plagued by guilt and questions since his niece vanished without a trace, but he had no idea what family secrets would come to surface as Blomkvist and his pierced, tattooed research assistant, Lisbeth Salander, unraveled the mystery.

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