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"You have the most incredible skin!" declared a voice off to my right. I kept trudging ahead with my "posse" (my three teenage daughters and their friends), never considering for a second that the voice could be speaking to me.

"Why don't you have your sisters go on ahead while I show you a couple of things that will really highlight that amazing skin," the voice, which was much closer to me, suggested.

That stopped me in my tracks. My sisters!? The voice thinks these girls are my sisters! I must stop and listen to such a discerning, intelligent voice. I looked around me to make sure there was no one else the voice could be calling out to.

The voice came from a young man who soon became my new BFF (which, for those of you who may not be as cool and hip as I am, means Best Friend Forever), Edvin. No, that isn't a typo you just read; his name was Ed-vin. But I just call him "the miracle worker."

I felt the magic working with each stroke of the brush or swipe of the Q-tip as Edvin added a little eyeliner here, a little shadow there. And when he would back up, ask a passerby, "tell me this eyeliner doesn't make her blue eyes pop, and I'll have to swat you for lyin'," I felt like a queen. The fact that my eyes are actually green is of no relevance…Edvin made them "pop."

Edvin came into my life at the perfect time. It was at the tail end of a family trip – it's no vacation, if you're with your family – and I was feeling anything but girlish. In fact, when I looked in the mirror that morning, I remember throwing up a little in my mouth. "How did I get so old?" I remember thinking as I slathered on the moisturizer and sunscreen. At that point, my eyes could have been described better by the word "pooped" rather than "popped."

Then, along came Edwin with his cover-up, primer, mineral foundation, maximum volumizing ultra black super duper Über mascara, and lip-plumping gloss. And, I went from being called "Mom" to "girlfriend" followed by that super-cool snap that only the coolest BFF's give when stating a fact.

Yes, I made a new best friend that day. A friend I will remember forever. If we lived in the same city, I'm sure Edvin and I would meet for morning coffee, gossiping, and giggling as he offered tips for creating smoky eyes and diminishing those laugh lines around my mouth. And, I really think the fact that I bought almost $200 in make-up from the line Edvin represents played no part in our fast friendship. Edvin really did think my skin is "incredible" and that the girls were all my sisters. Friends don't play friends just to make a sale. And, the fact that I will never see Edvin again in my life is also entirely beside the point. Our friendship was forged through the bond of foundation, and that's a glue not easily undone.

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