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Books for Under the Tree

Chick 'n' Pug

by Jennifer Sattler

Bloomsbury, 2010, $14.99

Chick was tired of sitting around the chicken coop all day. He longed for adventures like the ones he read about in his favorite book, "The Adventure of Wonder Pug!" So, Chick set out to find a hero. Unfortunately, the "Wonder Pug" chick found was more like a "Sleeping Pug." Young readers will laugh out loud at this tale of a chick looking for excitement and a reluctant "Wonder Pug."

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!

by Margaret Mayo

Walker & Company, 2010, $15.99

Young paleontologists in training will love this parade of stomping, chomping dinosaurs. Each turn of the page brings a different soaring, swishing, or paddling pre-historic beast into view through colorful, non-scary illustrations.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts

by Matthew McElligott

Walker & Company, 2010, $14.99

The barber's son knows he has to get to bed early on the night of a full moon, because after midnight, he'll be busy. Armed with "shamp-ewww" and stink wax, he's ready for work. It's not easy being a midnight barber, but even monsters need haircuts! A delightful story of a boy who follows in his father's footsteps in his own way.

Who Stole Mona Lisa?

by Ruthie Knapp

Bloomsbury, 2010, $17.99

Lovely Renaissance-inspired illustrations are the back drop to the story of Mona Lisa; who she was, what Leonardo da Vinci did to keep her entertained while he painted her, how people traveled for miles just to watch da Vinci paint her. A wonderful jaunt through history that teaches young readers facts about the famous painting – including who stole her and how she was found.

The Twelve Bots of Christmas

by Nathan Hale

Walker & Company, 2010, $14.99

Robot fans will love this lively, whimsical tale about twelve days of Christmas electrified with cool gizmos like Four Calling Borgs, Three Wrench Hens, and a Cartridge in a Gear Tree. Young readers will enjoy this new take on a familiar song, as they thumb through vivid illustrations of Robo-Santa as he makes his turbo-charged rounds at Christmas.

Grandma's Gift

by Eric Velasquez

Walker & Company, 2010, $16.99

Eric's teacher gave the class an assignment to complete over their Christmas break: visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eric and his grandmother ventured from his grandmother's home in Spanish Harlem to the museum, and together they saw the famous portrait of Juan de Pareja by Diego Velazquez. A beautiful tale of a boy who realizes his love of the arts for the first time and a grandmother who nurtures his potential by giving him the perfect Christmas gift.

and a stocking stuffer for mommy...

Every Last One

by Anna Quindlen

Random House Publishing, 2010, $26.00

An emotional tale of what happens to a family after being blindsided by an act of violence. Mary Beth Latham, mother of three teenage children, is at the heart of this spellbinding tale of a woman moving through the details of life as a mother; summer camp, soccer games, and proms. When tragedy strikes the very heart of her family, Mary Beth's strength shows the healing power of a mother's love.

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