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Female Fix-It-Yourself Revolution

Solve Five Common Household Problems

Today, more women are taking on household problems themselves instead of spending the money to hire a plumber, electrician or contractor.

Here are easy tips for solving five common household problems:

Unstick sticky windows by rubbing wax or spraying silicone into the tracks on both sides. Move the window up and down several times to work the wax or silicone lubricant into the frame.

Fix squeaky wood or tile floors by sprinkling baby powder on the surface of the floor. Then place a chisel between the boards and gently hammer the top to pry up the tile or floorboard. Sprinkle more baby powder underneath the board to seal the excess space causing the squeaking.

If your drains are draining slowly or clogged completely, try a de-clogging gel. Liquid-Plumr's new Penetrex Gel is a fast-acting, powerful formula that can clear the toughest clogs in just seven minutes.

Mend unsightly holes or tears in your window screens by using a screwdriver to straighten the bends in the mesh and dabbing clear nail polish to seal the hole.

A wobbly table leg is easy to repair. Just figure out how it's attached to the seat. Then either screw the leg back into its socket or glue it back into place.

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