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2011: The Year of the Book


by Leslie Patricelli

Candlewick Press, 2010, $6.99

Baby is back and it's time for his bath! Another installment of Leslie Patricelli's board books, this book takes a look at the beloved bath time ritual. From playing with bubbles to imitating a motor boat, Baby has a great time in the tub!


by Leslie Patricelli

Candlewick Press, 2010, $6.99

Baby has to go potty! But where should he go? Should he go in the cat box? In his diaper? Or maybe in his own little potty… A fun book to read to a toddler going through potty training.

Bink & Gollie

by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

Candlewick Press, 2010, $15.99

Cool illustrations and witty banter make this book fun to read out loud to your kids. Bink and Gollie are great friends and love hanging out together, but they don't always agree on everything. Bink loves loud, colorful socks while Gollie says, "the brightness of those socks frighten me." Compromise is what holds together their friendship, and the ways they find to compromise will make you smile.

Animal Tales: Monkey See, Monkey Zoo

by Erin Soderberg

Bloomsbury, 2010, $5.99

The latest in the Animal Tales adventure stories, this book will have young reading giggling and laughing at animal shenanigans and monkey business! Willa has always been happy playing with her friends and family in the Monkey Pit, but when little Carter accidentally leaves his backpack behind; she knows she has a job to do. Carter needs his backpack for the first day of school, so Willa ventures out into the "human cage" to get Carter's backpack to him.

The Boy Who Howled

by Timothy Power

Bloomsbury, 2010, $16.99

His mom licks his face to clean it after he finishes dining on fresh Elk. He's a little afraid his dad will mistake him for dinner some evening. And his friends love to run through the forest on all fours. Callum doesn't look like the rest of the pack, but wolves are all he's ever known. When his pack decides it's time for Callum to return to the human world, he finds it pretty hard to fit in. A wildly funny read, this book tells a story every boy can relate to: how to find your place in the world.

A Prince Among Frogs

by E.D. Baker

Bloomsbury, 2010, $16.99

A funny finale to the Tales of the Frog Princess series, this adventure starts with a wedding. Princess Millie and Audun are in the throes of wedding planning when Millie's baby brother, Felix, is kidnapped. Their gala event had to be put on hold as Millie and Audun search for young Felix. From dragons to sea monsters, readers will enjoy reading about mystical creatures and far away escapades.


The Confession

by John Grisham

Doubleday, 2010, $28.95

Every prisoner is innocent, or so they say…But one prisoner about to be executed is innocent, and Travis Boyette has known it since the day Donte Drumm's trial started. Drumm, a high school football star with a bright future was no where near the mall where Nicole Yarber was abducted, and the fact that her body was never found didn't stop the Slone, Texas prosecutor from going after Donte full speed ahead. Boyette couldn't believe his luck, but as time passed and a brain tumor makes his life miserable, he decided to come clean. But with just four days left before the execution, can he convince the powers that be that they have the wrong man?

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