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I start on the dishes, then see a broken plate, so I get the glue. I see a pile of towels, grab the towels, then see an unrecorded receipt, so I head toward the computer when I see a smudge on the mirror. This is when I go to the cleaning closet, then see a ...and it goes on and on. Sound familiar?

Notice NOTHING got accomplished! Dishes NOT done, Towels NOT put away, Receipt NOT recorded, Mirror NOT clean. If we spend our days going from one task to another, we go to bed frustrated, overwhelmed and still behind!

So what's the answer? Each evening create a plan for the next day. Include your most important tasks, phone calls, appointments, and things to purchase. Stay focused on your plan, completing each task before you start another. With your daily plan and your laser-sharp focus, you'll be amazed how much you can accomplish in just one day!

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Gardiner Art sep20
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