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Ages 3 to 6:

Quick, Slow, Mango!

by Anik McGrory

Bloomsbury, 2011, $16.99

"Hurry, hurry," says Kidogo the elephant's mom as she tries to get him to eat his breakfast. "Slow, slow" says PolePole the monkey's mother as she urges him to eat. As one speeds up and the other slows down, each finds his own perfect rhythm and then its mangoes for everyone!

Ages 4 to 8:

The Magic Brush: A Story of Love, Family

and Chinese Characters

by Kat Yeh

Walker, 2011, $16.99

A wonderful book for young readers to enjoy with parents and grandparents, this is the story of Jasmine, her grandfather and her little brother Tai-Tai. When Jasmine's grandfather came to live with her family, he began telling Jasmine beautiful stories of waters, boats and fish through the art of Chinese calligraphy. Readers will enjoy the vivid illustrations detailing the Chinese symbols on each page.

Ages 8 to 12:

Another Whole Nother Story

by Dr. Cuthbert Soup

Bloomsbury, 2011, $16.99

Along with a hearty dose of unsolicited, side-splitting advice, Dr. Cuthbert Soup narrates another tale of adventures starring the Cheeseman family. As Gerard, Jough, Maggie, and Ethan Cheeseman travel back in time in the family LVR (the Luminal Velocity Regulator - a super-cool, super-secret, and super-unreliable time machine) with their psychic dog, Pinky, to save their mom and end a family curse, everything that can go wrong does. Pirate ships, a haunted castle, and weetch (aka, "witch") hunts are just a few things the Cheesemans have to contend with.

Ages 8 to 12:

A Boy and His Bot

by Daniel H. Wilson

Bloomsbury, 2011, $16.99

What started as a normal, everyday, sixth-grade field trip to Mek Mound quickly turned into an adventure Code Lightfall would not soon forget. After following what he thought was a bee, Code finds himself in a whole new world – Mekhos, the land of robots. And with its infinipeds with razor-sharp mandibles and giant slaughter bots, Mekhos is as perilous as it is unbelievable. Readers will be quickly drawn into the world of Mekhos as Code and his friends journey from one end to the other in their quest to save both worlds.

Ages 12 and Up:

Taking Off

by Jenny Moss

Walker, 2011, $16.99

A moving story of how far-reaching unforgettable events can be. Annie is in her senior year and trying to make decisions about her future: where to go to school, should she break up with her boyfriend? Annie's life changes when she meets Christa McAuliffe at a dinner party. Annie feels inspired by Christa's courage, spirit, and fortitude and decides to take charge of her future just as Christa did. And Annie starts by traveling to watch the Challenger's launch.


Hell's Corner

by David Baldacci

Grand Central Publishing, 2010, $27.99

Oliver Stone and the Camel Club are back in action when the most protected strip of land in the country, directly across from the White House, also known as "Hell's Corner," comes under attack. The aftermath of the bombing brings more questions than answers as members of the Camel Club search for the unknown attackers.

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