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February Kit Wit Winner

One day I picked my daughter, Kaley, up from Kindergarten. I do not have the best sense of smell, but as we were running a few errands I kept getting a whiff of something foul. I knew Kaley had bathed. I wasn't sure where the scent was coming from. Following our errands, we stopped by to visit my grandma. My poor grandma noticed the odor right away, but she was too nice to infer that it was coming from us. She mentioned that she needed to take her trash out. Suddenly, my little girl sat down and emptied her pockets. She was so excited to share her "special rocks" with her great-grandma. My grandma nearly choked when she realized the magic rocks were actually pieces of cat poop! Kaley informed us she had spent all of her recesses scouring the sandbox for "special rocks." She saved her treasures in her pockets to show us. I'm sure her teacher had also delighted in Kaley's scent that day. We still tease Kaley about her "special rocks."

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