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CALM Unveils Cats of California Exhibit

Kern County residents now have a new, state-of-the-art mountain lion/bobcat exhibit to visit at the California Living Museum (CALM) located between Hart Park and Lake Ming on Alfred Harrell Highway in northeast Bakersfield. After almost two years of planning and development ( completely funded by private funding), the $2 million Cats of California Exhibit, was recently dedicated. Approximately a half acre in size, it is a naturalistic, rocky canyon-like habitat that currently houses two mountain lions and three bobcats with room for more. Built with the spectator in mind, the habitat invites visitors in through a large cave with spacious and unique viewing windows placed strategically to allow unusual, up-close glimpses into the world of these mysterious cats. It is both wheelchair and stroller accessible.

For more information, please contact Lana Fain, CALM zoo manager, at (661) 871-1822.

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