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Local Girls' Softball Organization Raises Almost $5,000 to Fight Cancer

A local girls' softball organization raised almost $5,000 for its Relay for Life Team to help fight cancer at the American Cancer Society annual fundraising event held on April 30-May 1st. Central California Intensity (CCI) Softball Organization's coaches strive to instill a sense of community and charity with its team members in order to develop a well-rounded person, not just an athlete.

"We at CCI love to play competitive softball, but we also understand that we have a responsibility to our local community and giving back," says CCI President Greg Craley. "That is why that CCI Board of Directors has decided the Relay for Life is our primary charity."

As part of its fundraising efforts, CCI team members sold 5,000 black silicone bracelets that read, "We step on the field to beat cancer." At tournaments, they also wear pink team jerseys to promote breast cancer awareness.

CCI's Relay for Life team member, 11-year-old, fifth-grader Tori Craley says she hopes that the money they raise helps to find a cure for cancer. "I know since I have 30 students in my class at school, probably three of them are going to have breast cancer and have to deal with that when they are older," she says.

For more information on breast cancer awareness and ACS's Relay for Life, please visit

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