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A Baby Sprinkle?

A new way to baby shower

With a first pregnancy, moms-to-be anxiously await their baby shower complete with playing baby bottle games, mingling with fabulous friends, eating scrumptious food, and of course, opening the beautifully wrapped gifts. So, when the next pregnancy comes along, it's just as exciting and you want to celebrate it. But this time around, instead of a full-blown party, many second-, third-, or fourth-time moms are celebrating with a baby "sprinkle," a baby shower on a smaller scale with a fun and catchy theme or make it a chance for charity.

Fifth-time mom Janna Hart was expecting a baby girl after a six-year gap between her other daughter, so she could use some new, fashionable baby girl clothes. With 15 of her closest friends, they met at a local restaurant and "sprinkled" the mom-to-be with all things pink and frilly. "When people have a lot of kids, you can't have a shower every time, so these little get-togethers are a fun way to celebrate the new baby," she says. "The presents are nice, but it's really about the company, and the celebration with friends."

Since "sprinkles" are typically lighter than "showers," the party atmosphere follows suit with the old adage, "less is more." One way to celebrate the new baby, while giving back to the community, is to host a Baby Sprinkle where the guests bring a donation for a local charity. On the invitations, you can specify what items are needed for donation: books for a library, hygiene kits for a homeless shelter, blankets for the fire department, or baby items for a hospital.

The party still has a sprinkling of gifts, advice, conversation, and laughter.

You can use a number of themes like "Pampering for Mom" where gifts include lotion, bubble bath, or spa gift certificates. Another theme is a "Diaper Duty" party where the invitation tells the guests to bring a pack of diapers. You can even get the baby's older brothers and/or sisters involved to feel special with a "Big Sibling" party. You can find more themes and ideas for a Baby Sprinkle at www.101babyshowerideas.com/sprinkles.

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